Shopping for art in La Grange and Fayetteville, Texas can be much more of an intimate experience than romping around in a large big city art gallery. Art here isn’t just about watercolors of farm scenes. While those can still be spectacular, it’s about a celebration of cultural creativity that is unique to the towns of Fayette County.

Highly skilled, award winning artists, wildlife and painted paper collages.

Fayette County offers artwork from highly skilled, well-trained artists like John Schaeffer in La Grange, whose paintings of vintage cars and other works are featured at the renowned Lost Pines Art CenterBill Anzalone is a permanent artist showing his work in Houston’s highly respected Meredith Long gallery. La Grange resident Sally Maxwell is a pioneer in scratchboard art and is recognized for capturing the beauty and emotion of leopards, lions, zebras, polar bears and other wildlife.

Dick Bour resides in the town of Fayetteville and creates stained glass pieces for clients all over the world. Kathleen Durst, mentioned briefly in our March blog, has her work currently showcased at the La Grange Cotton Gin, a fabulous gallery/gift shop right near the square. Her painted paper collages using oil, chalk pastels and ink are a must-see. And those colors…..

Eat, drink, shop and a little secret.

In La Grange, the Art Connections Gallery showcases artworks by over 110 artists. And, you can eat, drink and keep shopping so easily. It’s all in the square. From Reba’s Pizzeria to Bodega Wine Market to Vin 114 and Bistro 108, on and on…in Fayetteville, the Red and White Gallery in the square has exhibited works by Mark KohlerMary Quiros and will feature Bill Anzalone (mentioned above) on May 5th, just to name a few. Four beautifully appointed rooms are ready for you in the Red and White Inn directly above the gallery. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: About six miles down the road is Pivo’s Ice House. We can’t tell you any more.

Sausage, mudbugs, classic cars and more down-home fun.

So much is happening in April in Fayette, County! The Schulenburg Sausage Fest is a can’t-miss  event on April 14th.  And… wait for it. The sausage tossing contest starts @ 5:30. Really. On the same day, you can stop in Fayetteville for the 2nd Annual Car and Music picnic taking place right on the square. And it’s definitely mudbug time so join in the fun in Flatonia at the Flatonia Crawfish Festival  beginning at 6:00 p.m. on April 21st.  It’s in the American Legion Hall at 1225 US 90. Peeps, these towns are so small, you won’t have any problem going from one to another. And on the 21st. we promise small town, down-home fun at the 29th Annual Cotton Gin Festival in Burton, Texas. We’ve told you about Burton – moments away from Round Top. On May 5th, plan on attending an art walk like none. other. More in our May blog.

Welcome to great music, an updated motel, polka and a killer steak.

And we must do some bragging about our new members: You’ve heard us talk non-stop about Stone Cellars in Round Top. On April 14th, Jeff Woolsey and the Dancehall Kings shake up the stage. And welcome Oak Motel. Check out all their fabulous updates! You can get there from herePolka Lover’s Club of Texas Museum @ the Fayette Fairgrounds operates as an outreach facility for the education of future generations in the promotion of polka music and dance. And the Houston Chronicle chose Kloesel’s Steakhouse as one of the best places to grab good grub on a Texas road trip. It’s in the tiny town of Moulton, Texas, right outside of Flatonia.

You know we’re just down the road from you. And when you join us, toss your agenda out the window. There are just way too many places to eat and shop and hang out throughout every small town that make up this enchanting area.


We’re a population of predominantly “artivores.” We did just make that up. It works for us. You could become one. Or, maybe you already are.

So escape the hustle of the city galleries and come here to talk to some pretty savvy lovers of art. Choose a piece that speaks to your soul. We promise we have just what you’re looking for.

 Fayette County. Come experience everything.

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