The draw of Fayette County is more than winding country roads, annual festivals and wineries that offer delightful afternoons. At almost every corner, there are friendly smiles behind counters serving up all-American dishes just perfect for summertime consumption.

We were thinking that fried chicken, burgers, ice cream and pie typify the 4th of July, the quintessential American holiday.  Enjoy a few comfort food options offered in our rural, getaway destination.

Carmine, perfect pies and a very special B&B.

If you think about it, Carmine has got it going on.

The Pie Shack, located right off of Hwy 290 in Carmine, radiates homemade goodness. We’re talking all-American, flaky, buttery-crusted pies with meringues that have those perfect soft, just-toasted peaks. Sit back and order coffee and the apple, or pecan or meringue pie—whatever you’re jonesing for.

JW’s Steakhouse, also in Carmine, serves chicken fried chicken and Blue Bell ice cream.  They have beer and earned the 2015 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

And you are so lucky that the lovely Pecan Grove Inn, owned by the Presses, is also in Carmine. It is a very, very special place.

Oh my pie, fried chicken and Blue Bell.

Oh my pie! We’ve told you about Royers Round Top Cafe in Round Top, 10 minutes away from Carmine. It’s kind of like, who doesn’t know about Royers? Check out their amazing, famous pies and family-style fried chicken dinners on Sundays—and Blue Bell ice cream. And, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tara Royer Steele (aka the “Pie Queen”) is slinging serious pies at Royers Pie Haven right up the street in Henkel Square.

Winchester Depot and Ice Cream Junction is 20 minutes from the square in La Grange. This is ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen desserts worth taking a detour for. La Grange is about 20 minutes from Round Top. To get to Winchester Depot, get on 153, cross the tracks and take a right.

Orsak’s Cafe is right on the square in Fayetteville.  It’s near the intersection of W Fayette St. and N Washington and about 15 minutes from La Grange. This is the best way to get there. You’ll love the hours: open every day, from 8:00 – 10:00 on the weekends and until 9:30 on weekdays. Pecan, Lemon and chocolate meringue are just a few of the sweet selections that seriously go on and on.

Indulge and then check out some art, swag and more right there on the square. We touched on a little of this in our December blog. Then go right back to Orsak’s B&B to crash.

Burgers, fireworks and nine holes.

You’re not going to believe this, but Jamie’s Café has some of the finest fried chicken and burgers in Fayette County. What you’re not going to believe is that it’s located inside the Flatonia Livestock Commission. They sell livestock—at auction. But, we like good food and we know you do too. So, go. Call first because they aren’t open every day and the menu changes. Work off your meal playing nine holes at the Flatonia Golf Course. It’s practically across the street. Both places are located off of US E Hwy 90, a few minutes from I10.

Fayette County events: St. John’s (about five miles southwest of Schulenburg) 4th of July picnic is something you just have to attend if you’re into the small-town-country-picnic kind of thing. It’s actually wonderful. Schulenburg is about 15 minutes from Flatonia and a straight shot down US Hwy 90.

The Round Top 4th of July parade is the longest running 4th of July parade West of the Mississippi River. It’s hokey and charming. Come early, bring an ice chest to sit on or to put your feet up and savor the barbeque the Rifle Association cooks up after the parade!


This is the perfect location to get away for more than a day. At almost every corner, there’s a new landscape, surprising adventures and comfort food that simply doesn’t taste as good anywhere else.

When you love good folks and good food, Fayette County is calling.

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