The stars at night are big and bright…….. In just about every little town that makes up Fayette County, TX, the stars light up the dark country skies. And better than that, tree-shaded rivers, mountain bike trails and a warm water lake are just a few miles down the road. Come play with us for a weekend in Fayetteville, TX and La Grange, TX…..think mini-vacay!

We talked all about our 2,000+ acre lake, Lake Fayette and floating on the Colorado River in our September blog. Check it!  And, we’ve got a lot more to say on all you can enjoy in the great outdoors of central Texas.

Tubing, kayaking, canoeing…the Colorado River is waiting for you.

Did you know the Colorado River is the longest river in the Lone Star State? Here’s the scoop on where to hop in with your tube, canoe, kayak, or whatever. You can email for any information on all the city parks in lovely La Grange. And you can check out any of the places to stay nearby right here.

Hook, line and sinker. Ready to snag that largemouth bass?

Somewhere beneath the glassy waters of Lake Fayette just might lurk the largemouth bass you’ve only dreamed of. With the arrival of cooler days, bass fishing should heat up! And fall fishing in Lake Fayette is fantastic. The days are cool, the bait fish move to the back of the creeks and the bass follow right behind them. Bam.

Marcus Dejesus, Inland Fisheries Biologist For Texas Parks and Wildlife, tells us the fishing is good this time of year. The LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) maintains Lake Fayette, one of the finest largemouth bass lakes around. Each of the two parks (Oak Thicket and Park Prairie) that allow for entry into the lake has places to cook what you caught and camp for the night. There is a designated swimming area that’s actually buoyed off at Oak Thicket Park, several fishing piers and picnic tables. Park Prairie offers a 3-mile trail around the lake. A really friendly staff at both parks can answer all your questions.

Because of the size of the lake, there are lots of submersed trees and that essentially means there are probably more folks fishing than there are skiing. Just sayin’.

Four recommended baits for fall bass fishing (according to bass fishing guide Pete Dodge):

  1. Rattletraps
  2. Square-Bill Crankbaits
  3. Spinnerbaits
  4. Topwater Lures

Not into water? Enjoy the great outdoors in other ways.

We rarely get to talk about Warda, Texas, about 60 miles east of Austin. Just in case you’re not into water, Bluff Creek Ranch located in Warda, is the first mountain bike ranch in Texas. They highly recommend you call the ranch before you head out because the weather really affects the eight miles of well-shaded, single track trails: 979.242.5894. And Camp Lost Pines, also in Warda, offers 42 acres of sweet serenity.

Not into fishing, tubing or biking? We’ve got some great parks like Monument Hill and Wolters Park, and RV parks throughout the towns that make up Fayette County. Pick up some burgers and ‘que in one of our many restaurants and diners featured in our July and August blogs.


Do you need an excuse to spend a weekend away? If so, here it is. Come hang outdoors with us.  We’ve got starry skies and campsites, hotels and B&Bs with olive trees and fresh water to play in. Isn’t it time to put a weekend in Fayette County, TX on your calendar? As always, we’d love to have you.

When you’re feeling like Texas, Fayette County is calling.

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