Are you ready for the stellar shopping experience of the fall season? The Round Top Antiques Show is front and center beginning Saturday, September 16th and running through Saturday, October 7th. Kudos to the Round Top Chamber of Commerce for providing a great, easy to follow schedule and for verifying the dates of the show!

Over 20 miles of antiques, show barns and tents are packed with European treasures, old tractor parts, vintage jewelry, farm tables for 10 and more that you’ll just need to experience. Almost everything takes place along SH 237, a small two-lane road between Round Top and La Grange. About 100,000 visitors attend the Round Top Antiques Show that takes place twice a year.

You might want to check out the last blog post on Antiques Week in March. The info will help you go full throttle at the fall show. At the risk of repeating ourselves, the show doesn’t only include Round Top. A great deal of Fayette County is involved: BurtonCarmineWarrentonSchulenburgFlatonia and others not to be missed.

Bring shoes that rock, sassy shades, a hat and other essentials.

Good walking shoes
Some kind of rain boots
Your sassy shades

Pack a small cooler with water, energy drinks and maybe a few Shiner Blondes…..:). Full disclosure: You are walking through pastures and sometimes it’s muddy. You don’t want what you’re wearing to stop you from finding the perfect French artifact or perfectly scuffed up vintage something.

When and how to arrive and parking tips.

The scoop: SH 237 is lined with cars. If you arrive past 10:00 a.m., it is going to take you longer to get where you’re going. It’s amazing how many people are out shopping.  Remember, you’re vying for those “Chip and Joanna” finds, so get to the show as early as possible. And if you didn’t read it above, read “What to Bring.” Peeps, you are walking for miles.

Getting here: From Houston, if you’re going out Hwy 290 to SH 237, you’ll be stalled. Figure out the back roads. If you’re coming from Austin, taking Old Round Top Road will allow you to get to the heart of it. Or, you can come in through Shelby. If you’re going to Warrenton, look for parking in the center of town. Word is that it costs $5.00

Some large venues, small venues and a few secrets.

Here are a few large, popular venues worth exploring: Marburger is open from Tuesday through Saturday. It’s a higher fee to get in on Tuesday. They offer everything from oriental rugs to Louis Vuitton bags. The Big Red Barn has an early entry fee. We’re told its $10.00 after the initial grand opening but check with them. There’s no charge for parking or entry at Blue Hills. There’s a nice variety, from current and fun to serious French antiques. The Compound is worth the trip. Once you enter, you receive an armband and you can re-enter all these buildings. Please follow up on your own with all venues.

All these places are so worth checking out. And don’t forget the stores that offer exciting, eclectic selections year-round:

Floy Farm Interior Design: Flatonia
Rhinestone Angel: Flatonia
The Busy B: E State Hwy 71 in La Grange
3D Belt Company: Schulenburg

Secrets from long-time, loyal shoppers: Some places charge an admission fee of $5.00. Some will charge more but most are free.  If you have cash, a few of the vendors will usually negotiate $10.00 or $15.00 off.  If you buy more than one item, they may be willing to drop the price a little. And if you’re a regular buyer, remind them.

Staying over is a little tricky and more online resources.

Where to stay? At this point, call for cancellations at some of our sweet B&B’s and other lodging.

More resources:

Discounts in Round Top? Thank you Shop Across Texas!

For more on all that Fayette County offers, go here.


Take it all in and enjoy the experience. Tell us what you think. We’re so glad you’re here.

Fayette County is calling. We think you should answer.

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