8127 N FM 1291
Fayetteville, TX 78940
(713) 226-9344

Blue Mule Winery started out, like most, making homemade wine in five gallon carboys. The father and daughter duo of Mike Gamble and Ashley Dalhart liked the challenge of making several different wines from locally grown grapes and fruit that people would enjoy. At one point they had eighty gallons fermenting in sixteen carboys! It was time to take the show on the road, and for three years prior to opening Blue Mule Winery, they made wine for another local winery.

The Blue Mule Tasting Room is set on a hill north of Fayetteville, just two miles from Warrenton. It’s a farm for sure, so you’ll see our 60+ free range chickens, 6 alpacas, 5 donkeys, and the vineyard. We are just a hard working family striving towards the same goal: to make a living by sharing our great wine with Texas and whoever visits this great state. So, come to our tasting room, drink wine, listen to stories, make new friends (furry and feathered alike) and stay a while. There’s a stool waiting for you!

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